Commercial Illustrator Mark Armstrong on Blogging and the Business of Illustration



Mark Armstrong’s past lives include math teacher, bank teller, and programmer. Today, he’s a commercial illustrator, working with a wide range of clients, from newspapers to magazines to agencies. Here, he talks about finding his path as a visual artist, the importance of humor and being yourself, and his blog as a space to share his professional projects and creative processes.

Your background is in math and you’ve held a variety of jobs. You once wrote that you “denied your artistic self for a long time.” When did you realize you wanted to focus on illustration?

There was a period in the mid-to-late seventies when I hardly drew at all. A few doodles on envelopes to friends — that was about it. For some reason, I decided to submit some gag cartoons to magazines in the early eighties. (I come across an old one now and then — the drawings…

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