Paste’s 29 Most Anticipated New TV Shows Of 2017


A Constant Visual Feast

dear_white_people_xlgA couple years back, I wrote a review of Justin Simien’s awesome feature debut, Dear White People, and assholes on the Internet decided that the best response to a film so named was to drop a bunch of racist-as-fuck comments in the comments section, without really reading the review (or seeing the movie, obviously). My editor had to wipe the whole damn section out just for propriety’s sake. That’s how out of control it got.

So I look forward to repeating that experience and letting racist white America show its ass once more when Netflix’s adaptation (or perhaps continuance) of Simien’s film, also called Dear White People, goes to air. I wrote about that a bit for Paste Magazine’s “most anticipated new TV shows of 2017” feature (which also touches on Taboo, that new Tom Hardy thing on FX, which I will be writing about (plug)). 



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